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At eyerollbeauty, it is my mission to provide each and every guest with the best all-around service possible, along with a top tier level of respect and professionalism. I strongly take into consideration the expectations of my clients and the results of the services I provide to them. That is why some basic policies are set in place to ensure everyone leaves feeling like their best self and continues to enjoy their results for weeks to come.

  • ARRIVAL: Upon arrival please simply text (614)-580-1407 to inform me you have made it to the salon. It is best to refrain from knocking as I may be finishing up with another guest. Additionally, the intricate nature of the artistry I provide & sharp tools near delicate areas of the body pose a potential danger if guest or provider become startled. Please feel free to quietly wait in the designated salon seating areas provided in the hallways or lobby.

  • LATE ARRIVALPlease simply text (614)-580-1407 to inform me if you are running late & an estimated time of arrival. If you know you're going to be more than 15 minutes late, it may be best to reschedule your appointment so we can ensure you will receive the best results with your beauty services.

  • LATE CANCELLATIONIf any appointments are cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the appointment time, there will be a fee of 50% of the cost of any services booked for that day. Please make an effort to notify me at least 48 hours in advance of to allow adequate time for me to offer the opening to another guest.

  • NO-SHOWSPlease respect the time I have set aside to provide you with the best service possible by simply notifying me if you are unable to make it to any appointment. Any no-show occurrence will withdraw the ability to conduct further business.


  • EYELASH FILLSPlease ensure that you are rescheduling your appointments every 2-3 weeks.
    Similar to nail services, eyelash extensions are meant to be maintained, & should never get to a point beyond repair. 
    Approximately 100 of our eyelashes on each eye have an extension applied during a full set, given that those eyelashes are at the appropriate growth phase. We lose 1-5 of our natural eyelashes from each eye every single day, due to the growth phases of our natural shed cycles. Additionally, lack of aftercare, lifestyle, hormones, dirt, oil, makeup, stress, certain diseases, illnesses, medications, supplements, pregnancy, breast feeding, allergies, rubbing, crying, sleeping on eyelashes, environmental changes, etc. all have a great effect on retention.
    If on average, we lose 3 natural eyelashes per eye each day this equates to:
    WEEK ONE)  21 eyelashes shed per eye
    WEEK TWO)  42 eyelashes shed per eye
    WEEK THREE)  63 eyelashes shed per eye
    WEEK FOUR+)  Can cause potential damage to natural eyelashes
    50% or less of eyelash extensions remaining requires rescheduling for a full set.
    Fills scheduled 4 weeks & beyond will be declined & requires rescheduling for a full set.

  • AFTERCARE: Do not wet extensions, workout, or come in contact with high heat, humidity, or steam for at least 24 hours following any eyelash extension service.
    Ensure to thoroughly wash eyelash extensions, & eyelids at least once daily using the eyerollbeauty cleanser & brush, especially after crying or wearing any eye makeup. Eyerollbeauty cleanser & cleansing brush are available for purchase in shop.
    It is best to avoid eye makeup all together as often as possible. Do not put mascara on your eyelash extensions & make sure to have all makeup washed completely off your eyelashes, eyes, and surrounding areas prior to arriving to your appointment. Not only does this have a negative effect on application & retention, but it also takes away from receiving the most eyelash extensions possible during your appointment.
    Eyelash extensions are a luxury service. Protect your investment by being as careful with your eyelash extensions as possible. Be gentle when washing & drying. Do not rub or sleep on your extensions. Avoid high winds by wearing sunglasses. Be cautious when smoking, or near lighters, fire, warm hair tools, ovens, & stoves as these will singe your eyelash extensions & cause them to melt together & lose their curl.

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